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The PMHA’s monthly webinars take place on Monday evenings at 7.30pm and are delivered using Zoom. The webinars offer useful and informative talks given by working professionals and other experts on a wide range of topics related to paediatrics and mental health. The webinars are free to attend for anybody currently working in the field.

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Upcoming Webinars

These will be promoted in the blog section of the PMHA website and on our Twitter account.

View Our Previous Webinars:

Previous Webinars

  • Webinar 13 (29/11/21 SPIN Modules( Special Interest training for Paediatricians)

  • Webinar 12 (15/11/21)  Pain in Severe Neurodisability

  • Webinar 11 (01/11/21) – Management of Self-harm Beyond Acute Presentations

  •  Webinar 10 ( 18/10/21)Trauma-Informed Model of Care and how it can be used to support young asylum seekers

  • Webinar 9 (04/10/21) – Eating Disorders

  • Webinar 8 (20/09/21) – Organic and Non-Organic Causes of Psychosis in Childhood

  • Webinar 7 (06/09/21) – Careers Panel

  • Webinar 6 (16/08/21) – Mental Health Law

  • Webinar 5 (02/08/21) – Psychopharmacology for Paediatricians

  • Webinar 4 (19/07/21) – Tics and Tourettes

  • Webinar 3 (05/07/21) – History taking, Mental State, Examination and Formulation in General Paediatrics

  • Webinar 2 (21/06/21) – Optimising Mental Health in Asthma – The Role of the MDT

  • Webinar 1 (07/06/21) – Medically Unexplained Symptoms


These webinars have been recorded and we plan to try to make them available on request shortly. 

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