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RCPCH Annual Meeting: 14th May 2019 14:30 – 17:45

The Paediatric Mental Health Association and the Children’s Ethics & Law Special Interests Group have joined together to host a terrific session, with presentations and posters covering ethical and mental health issues from preterm infants to adolescents, and as an unmissable highlight, a review on the latest on Deprivation of Liberty in Childhood by Mr Robert Wheeler, Director of Clinical Law and Paediatric Surgeon in Southampton. Regardless of your specialty, if you want a challenging, reflective, thought provoking session, this is the one to come to!


CHAIR: Dr Sheila Peters, Convenor, Paediatric Mental Health Association

1430-1440 Prevalence and patterns of mental health-related paediatric hospital admissions – Miss Rebecca Bates, G240 1440-1450 Parenting Interventions for Improving and Protecting Infant Mental Health: A Systematic Review, TBC G241

1450-1500 A survey exploring attitudes, skills and willingness of paediatric trainees to manage children and young people with acute mental health presentations in secondary care, Dr Eva Wooding, G242

1500-1510 Using the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust to increase mental health expertise in a GP setting, Dr Talia Banks, G243

1510-1520 The first year of an integrated Children’s Emergency Psychiatric Service – an impact assessment – Dr David Henderson, G244

1520-1545 Invited Speaker – Deprivation of liberty in childhood, Mr Robert Wheeler, Director of the Department of Clinical Law and Paediatric Surgeon, University of Southampton

1545-1615 Refreshment break, exhibition and poster viewing

CHAIR: Dr Joe Brierley

1615-1630 Should we be resuscitating 22 weekers? A Neonatal Network Experience, Dr Shree Rasiah, G245

1630-1645 Parents’ experience of the decision to withdraw treatment from their critically ill baby, Miss Nicola Smither, G246

1645-1700 Role of the Deprivation of Liberty process in specialist paediatric neurorehabilitation practice, Dr A Murgan, G247

1700-1715 The phenomenon of society’s hidden young carers, Miss Naheeda Rahman, G248

1715-1730 Healthcare crowdfunding in the UK and Australia: benefits and ethical concerns, Dr Sarah Aylett, G249

1730-1745 Close and future collaboration


  1. Moving On: – From Pond to Sea Provision of transition services for Young People with Neuro-developmental Conditions, Dr Sarubah Patwardhan, G250(P)

  2. Quality Improvement in Training: Establishing a Paediatric-CAMHS Collaborative Learning Programme, Dr Cassie Coleman, G251(P)

  3. Improving our care of paediatric mental health patients”, Dr Ann-Marie Buckley, G252(P)

  4. An Audit of ADHD patients attending a Scottish NHS Community Child Health Clinics, Dr Michael Ogundele, G253(P)

  5. Can eating disorders in children and young people permanently affect growth and pubertal development? Dr Josephine Neale, G254(P)

  6. When can we say enough is enough? Dr D Desai, G255(P)

  7. What are the preferences for receiving additional and carrier status findings in genomics testing amongst families affected by rare conditions? Findings from the rare disease arm of the 100,000 Genomes Project, Ms Maria Kokocinska, G256(P)

  8. The Ethics of Therapy Pets on Paediatric Wards: A Rabbit Case Study, Dr Joseph Machta, G257(P)

  9. Resolution of Family-Physician Disputes In End-of-Life Care Decisions, Miss Stephanie Beresford, G258(P)

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